ABS President’s Message

Message from the President, Association of Breast Surgery, United Kingdom

Greetings from the Association of Breast Surgery in the UK

As President of the Association of Breast Surgery it is my great pleasure and privilege to partner with the Association of Breast Surgeons of India for your 10th Annual Conference in Hyderabad (ABSICON2022). There are strong links between breast surgery in India and the UK and we hope that this conference will further build and strengthen these links.

Breast cancer survival has doubled since I was a medical student, and breast surgery, breast radiology, radiotherapy and systemic therapy have changed out of all recognition.

Breast surgery that started as a side interest in general surgery has developed in to a complex and vibrant bespoke specialty with a large portfolio of technical procedures delivering better outcomes for those diagnosed with breast cancer. De-escalation is providing better results, with less morbidity but the same or better long-term survival. There is less axillary clearance, while a combination of more neo adjuvant therapy, and more therapeutic mammoplasties and local flaps are very markedly reducing the proportion of patients requiring mastectomy.

With evidence emerging that survival is better in those having breast conservation rather than mastectomy.

The diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer is a truly multi-disciplinary specialty, with our radiology, pathology and oncology colleagues all working with us to deliver better results.

The diagnostic and treatment challenges for breast cancer in India are considerable but I am sure the Association of Breast Surgeons of India will rise to the challenge and we will see progressively better results throughout the country with earlier diagnosis, better treatment and better survival for the almost 200,000 women diagnosed each year.

I look forward to seeing you in person in Hyderabad.

Prof Chris Holcombe

President, The Association of Brest Surgery
United Kingdom